About a year ago, we blogged about Nicole and Mike’s wedding at the Park Savoy . They were married last October, and now, almost on the anniversary of their big day, we were thrilled to see their pictures come up again, this time on New Jersey Bride, a website for weddings in the area.

I can’t tell you enough how honored I was when I saw that post. It means so much to me as a wedding photographer that not only the subjects of my work but also outside people are able to recognize the beauty in what I do.

Of course, it was easy when I had such a beautiful couple. Nicole and Mike were high school sweethearts and shared that deep connection of people that have known each other for all that time, so it wasn’t hard at all to get those beautiful images filled with emotion and weight.

And on top of having an amazing experience with these two, now I have the immense pleasure of seeing this wedding featured on a website like the New Jersey Bride. It’s clear that they also think Nicole and Mike are absolutely fabulous, and I’m completely honored by the feature.

I wanted to share the link to this feature here on this blog and thank the New Jersey Bride website for showcasing this gorgeous wedding. It was so fun to walk down memory lane looking back on these images, and again, I can’t thank New Jersey Bride enough for recognizing the work that went into this wedding—and for showcasing such an amazing couple!


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