Tacilin and Varughese were married on June 9th, with a ceremony at St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church of Houston and a reception at the Safari Texas Ranch.

I was particularly excited for this Houston wedding because I had already done this sweet couple’s engagement session, where they told me the story of how they met on Facebook. Varughese is from Philadelphia, and Tacilin is from Sugarland, Texas- just outside of Houston, so they continued their relationship long-distance. Now, the bride will be relocating to Philadelphia… after they return from their Thailand honeymoon, of course.

I started out the day with some “getting ready” pictures at the Sugarland Marriot Town Square before we headed to the church. Varughese and his groomsmen were there first, so I was able to get a few images of them hanging out while they waited before Tacilin arrived.

During the ceremony, I got to witness the tying of the mina, where the groom tied a string holding a gold pendant around his bride’s neck. This was an incredibly important cultural moment, along with the moment when the maid of honor stepped down and a member of Varughese’s family stepped up. This was a symbolic representation of his family welcoming Tacilin, and taking charge of her well-being.

After the ceremony, we went to Western Airways Inc. for a private shot on a private jet. How cool is that? These two were clearly having a blast, as you can see from the pictures. Every picture is filled with smiles and laughter.

Once we hit the Safari Texas Ranch, the laughter and fun just kept coming out in waves. Varughese even performed a special dance for his new bride, and the pure joy in his expression through the whole thing was so fun to photograph. It’s so obvious this whole group had so much fun celebrating the newlyweds.

Varughese & Tacilin, thank you for letting me be part of your beautiful celebrations! I’ll always be grateful for the laughter and joy that we shared together.



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